Demolition Derby

Entry Form

Gouverneur & St. Lawrence County Fair
Demolition Derby Rules & Regulations

Driver must be 16 years of age.  Sixteen (16) and seventeen (17) year olds need to have a consent waiver signed by parent or guardian to participate.  No alcohol or drugs permitted in pits.  Track operators may reserve or reject any entries.   

Ø  All cars must be at the track and registered 2 hours before start time. 
Ø  Each Driver will only be allowed 3 Entries. 
Ø  No one under the age of 16 allowed in the pit area.    

Any year foreign or domestic mass-produced 2 or 4 door hard top car or station wagon is permitted.  No 4x4 unless drive shaft is removed or deactivated.  All drivers must supply their own car.   
All cars must have an identifying number or slogan displayed on each side and the roof.  The numbers must be large enough to be seen from announcer’s booth.   
STOCK MEANS STOCK!  These cars are to be considered STOCK unless specifically mentioned in these rules.  No altering, swapping, welding or manipulating parts unless specifically mentioned.   
Divers must maneuver cars forward and backwards hitting a live car within 1.0 minutes from their last hit or will be disqualified.  No deliberate driver door hits (OFFICALS CALL.)  All drivers must wear DOT approved helmet, eye protection, and long pants.  Long sleeve shirts are recommended.  Drivers must remain in his/her car with all required safety gear on unless officials/safety personal directs you differently.  No one but driver is allowed on track.    
Two (2) roll-overs or fires will be disqualified   
Rules are subject to change to fit track.  All decisions of the judges are final.

ALL unnecessary glass, plastic, chrome molding and flammable materials must be removed. No broken windows in doors.   
The car must be clean and free of loose debris in the driver’s compartment and the trunk. All airbags must be removed.   
All trailer/towing hitches must be removed.   

A 4 point cage will be allowed for diver protection only.  Anything in excess or unsafe will be forced to cut or loaded at judge’s discretion.  All cage bars must be a minimum of 2” x 2” x 1/8 and be no bigger the 3” x 3” except side bars which may be C Channel up to 6”.   
If side bars are used inside you MUST have both front and rear cross bars.  If side bars are not used, mounting plates not exceeding 1/4 x 6” x 6” may be used on the end of seat bar.   
Halo is okay. 
One flat bar will be allowed (weld or bolt) on outside driver door for safety, no longer than 4” past door seams.  IF YOU CANNOT WELD THEN BOLT!!
One windshield bar or chain is MANDATORY (WELD OR BOLT) if windshield is removed.

If the tank is in front of the rear axle it may be used.  If the stock tank is used it must be chained, wired or cabled in two (2) places to avoid the tank strap failure.  Fuel cells or approved marine style tanks are recommended.   
Tanks must be located behind the front seat and must be securely fastened with chains, bolts or both.  ZIP SCREWS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.  If you choose to use a frame for the purpose of mounting your gas tank, it may either be mounted to the seat bar OR bolted to the floor sheet metal.  All gas tank frames/mounts may be no wider than 24” and must start and end 4” away from vertical sheet metal on both used and fresh cars.  Additionally, gas tank mounts may not be used as a technical advantage on a car.   
You may run an electric fuel pump, but it must have a kill switch that is clearly marked.  Please use fittings or good hose clamps and make sure they are tight.
Gas tanks must be covered. 
No more than five (5) gallons of fuel allowed. 
One battery allowed and must be secured to floor or seat (battery box recommended.) Battery must be covered.

A working hydraulic brake system is required. You must exhibit the ability to stop before entering the track. 
All steering components are to be stock, with the exception of after-market column may be used with detailable steering wheel   

No studded tires, skid steer or ags. No liquid or concrete filled tires. Any ply rating and doubled tires will be allowed. Rubber tires only. 
All wheel weights must be removed, including on the inside of the wheels. 
Valve stem guards and variable lug centers (no full centers) will be allowed. 
No bead locks, no rim guards.

ALL BODY MOUNTS MUST REMAIN IN STOCK LOCATIONS.  Body mounts may be removed and replaced with 5/8 max size bolt with 3” x 3” x 1/4 washer.  Must have a minimum 1” rubber spacer between body and frame.   
Do not “enhance” or crease body lines.  No tilting. No body modifications.   
No post cars will be allowed one 1/4 x 4” strap directly on the door seam to the roof it can be welded no more than 3” up the roof line and no more than 3” down the door.   
Wedging and lowering of trunk area will not be allowed.  No tucking or modifications of trunk lids.  Quarter panels must remain vertical and factory height.    
Do not paint or undercoat frames inside or out.  Do not grind or buff frames.